Deliver faster. Reduce risk and cost. Focus on new opportunities.

The Otoma Platform sets you free.

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It’s not a platform. It’s a launch pad.

The Otoma Platform is a comprehensive suite of modules that puts the power of automation to work for you. Our platform requires far less human involvement at every level, so your people are free to spend their time more creatively and more productively.

Knowledge is power. And our Knowledge Base is the power behind our platform.

Our comprehensive knowledge base can be adapted to fit any application and business environment. With a vast repository of industry standard formats, market interfaces, and use case libraries, it saves you a great deal of time and effort right away because you’re not starting from square one when you define your business requirements.

What’s inside?

  • Common predefined business use cases with up-to-date best practices and regulations.
  • Industry standards, including message types, interfaces between systems, and ecosystem topology.
  • A data dictionary containing configurable parameters for creating and identifying business scenarios and generating test cases and test data for automatically validating these business scenarios.
  • Automatic updates that result from changes to industry regulations as well as software updates to ensure that the customer’s requirements and test scripts are kept up-to-date.

What makes our platform unique

Reduce Risk
By ensuring all business scenarios are thoroughly tested.

Our platform helps ensure your requirements cover all production scenarios and tests the new release based on what is already working in production preventing outages that can arise.

Increase Traceability
Because everything is accurately documented.

You are taking control over your business knowledge as your documentation and testing is fully aligned with your upgraded systems for added peace of mind.

Better for Everyone
When something is updated, everything else is too.

When the knowledge base is updated due to changes in industry standards or software applications, your requirements and test scripts are automatically updated, too. So you’re kept fully up to date, and your customers have a better experience.

Improve Quality
And avoid the errors of manual testing.

Automate software implementations and get more test coverage with fewer mistakes. Win, win.

Work Faster
And bring products to market faster.

Shortening the requirements analysis and testing cycles through automation makes it possible.

Reduce Costs
With agile cloud-based environments.

Increase your technology adoption rate, too.

Otoma Platform Process Flow


Otoma Model-Based Functional Testing leverages a knowledge-base of use cases and business requirements that can be adapted to describe enterprise applications

It automatically generates test cases and test scripts to ensure 100% coverage of all business requirements. Otoma creates test data, automatically, executes tests, simulates un-available systems, and provides analysis of the results.


  • New implementations or upgrades of packaged applications
  • Software releases introducing new functionalities
  • Continuous end-to-end testing with full coverage and documentation of the SUT



Otoma Parallel Testing ensures that the new version of the SUT is ready for production by leveraging production data to accurately re-play production scenarios and compare the outcome. This helps you predict how the SUT will behave in production, and detect the problematic use cases to reduce the risk of regression issues in production.


  • Scheduled updates to the System Under Test (SUT)

  • Changes to SUT business configuration to support new requirements

  • Hot fixes to address production issues

  • Upgrade of 3rd party software components used by the SUT